How to Research Unknown Bank Transactions

People seem to not have time to use complete words or speak in full sentences.  Internet logistics have conditioned us to seek out the most different communication route. While driving on the freeway looking around at the buildings around me, I noticed business names are getting shorter. Here are a few businesses who are opting to use acronyms to keep up with... Read More

End of School year goes like this in my house 

It’s that time of the year again.  A time when I see all the Facebook posts about how great everyone’s child is doing in school, how they made the Deans List, and what college they will be attending.  To most parents, this sounds like a joyous occasion; but not too ALL parents.   Do you have that child or children that simply... Read More

Local Teen suicide

The natural order of death should be grandparents,  parents, and then children.  However,  we know it doesn’t anyways occur in that order.  Sometimes things occur beyond our control and sometimes we control all aspects.  Whether it’s  simply life or the choices we make. Life and death happens every day.   Something that is sure in life is –Death. There is... Read More

Cut the Cable Cord

My cable bill routinely surpassed the $200 mark every month, it’s no surprise that so many people are frustrated with their cable providers.  I decided to write this blog post after being cable free for a while.  It’s been over 6 months and I do not miss cable, nor do I miss that $200+ monthly bill.  Cutting the cable has been a... Read More

13 Reasons Why on Netflix

Warning: This article contains spoilers alerts about the Netflix Series “13 Reasons Why.” While sitting in our family room watching our “cable-free” television, my daughter told me about a Netflix TV series that her friends at school had been talking about it for a while now.  On Easter Sunday we had dinner at my sister’s home and my niece told my daughter about the same Netflix mini... Read More

Do you worry too much?

We have lots of worry all around us.  Things we worry about: money family, jobs careers children illnesses bills our new presidential cabinet the economy, etc. The definition of worry means – “to torment oneself with or suffer from disturbing thoughts; fret.” also, to strangle or choke. Ouch !! That sounds really scary.  Why would we want to torment and strangle ourselves?... Read More

I’m attracted to Greatness 

” I’m attracted to Greatness– are you? My days seem to whisk by faster and faster.  Time stops for no one.  The more technology increases, the quicker time seems to slip under my feet.  Although,  time doesn’t sit still, I am consistently learning something new.  I’ve learned to stretch my mind and broaden my horizon. I’m always adding value to... Read More