Checkout 51 App Review

Checkout 51 is one of my favorite money saving apps.  Shop for groceries and earn cash back by saving on the brands you already LOVE. Browse offers before you head to the store Select products purchased Upload your receipt Wait to receive product approval Earn cash back Frequent Questions: How often are the items updated or added ? Every Wednesday there... Read More

Birthday Freebies

​ Restaurant Birthday Freebies Arby’s – Free Milkshake with any purchase Acapulco – Free Entree Auntie Anne’s Pretzels – Free Pretzel Baskin Robbins – Free 2.5 oz Scoop of ice cream or discount Benihana’s – Free $30 gift certificate with the purchase of a 2nd adult entree B.J’s Restaurants – Free Pizookie Dessert Buca di Beppo – $15 off any... Read More

2 Ways to Affair Proof Your Marriage

  1. Honor Your Relationship Couples must honor their relationship to one another.  It’s not only biblical, but it is crucial to having a lasting relationship in Christ.  When honoring one another we have to respect each other.  Couples must focus their efforts on giving instead of getting.  When we give our love and attention to our loved ones we will... Read More

6 simple steps to embed a Twitter post in your blog 

Lately, we have seen an inundation of posts and stories online that has specific Tweets embedded into websites and blogs. We researched and found out how you can embed tweets so you can use them in your online media too.   6 simple steps :  Log into Twitter  Go To Profile Choose Tweet to EMBED Click on the three horizontal Dots... Read More

Trump Election Promises

Congratulations Mr. President Elect Donald Trump (2017) Most of the nation was extremely shocked with the results.  Yes, sometimes the underdog reigns.  Let’s role with it.  It’s great to know we can do and be anything we want to be.  Simply, put in WORK. POTUS: Experience requested, but not necessary for the highest office in the land.  Let’s continue making... Read More

Your Voice Counts

Today is one of the most important dates in our history.  Yes, it’s election day 2016 and we have a civic duty and responsibility to get out and vote.  There has been a lot of excitement, disappointment, unconcern, and just plain old “I’m ready to move on,” syndromes. This election will be one of the most memorable of all times. ... Read More

Help for College Student

Tyler, Texas Teen #motgpayitforward We’ve all heard of the numerous ‘Do Good’ projects, right?  Well, in the state of our current society we should all participate in ‘Do Good’ activities.  GoFundMe allows individuals to create fundraising accounts to raise legitimate funds to assist people with various life situations. The first project that we are wanting to promote is for a... Read More

Beware of Sliders at the Gas Pump

You’ve probably seen the signs at the gas pump that state “Lock it, hide it, Take your keys.” There’s a new tactic that thieves are using to steal purses, valuables, and any other personal items while you are pumping gas. Moms on the Go first heard of this new thievery trick from Click2Houston so we felt it was imperative to rebroadcast this out to... Read More

How to Shop Smarter

  Become a Smart Shopper today.  This is the day to join one of the BEST opportunities around.  Today is the day to get HUGE discounts on everyday products.       Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial Instantly watch thousands of movies and TV episodes Borrow Kindle books Get unlimited FREE two-day shipping (no minimum order) Stream Movies for... Read More

10 ways to stay healthy and germ free

Healthy and Germ Free We encounter millions and billions of germs every day.  We can’t get away from those pesky germs.  We have come to realize that we can’t stay in a bubble all of our lives; therefore, we must do something to help combat sicknesses that germs can cause. Germs are located on everything.  Have you ever thought about walking outside every day on... Read More

Being Normal is not an option

Do you try to fit in with friends or co-workers? If ;you don’t, do you know someone that does? Everyone wants to be liked to some degree.  It’s not just our kids that want to fit in, if we take a moment and be honest with ourselves, we may admit that we want to be liked too. How many times have you... Read More

When Should You Mail Graduation Invitations

High schools and colleges limit the number of visitors a student may invite to commencement because of space.  Announcements should be sent to close family and friends who would otherwise be invited to the ceremony.  Include these individuals at other festivities that take place such as parties, luncheons, etc. It is also important to send to friends and family who are... Read More