How to reduce your online footprint 

Have you ever searched for an item at home then went to work on a totally different computer only to find out the item you THOUGHT you searched for privately is now suggested to you publicly and at work–no less. You’ve just embarked on learning about your digital footprint. What is a digital footprint you ask? “On the Internet a digital footprint is the... Read More

Restaurants quantity decreases while prices increase

Have you ever driven around your city looking for places to eat? Nothing seems appealing.  No one can agree upon anything.  Someone wants this,  but not that.   We’ve gone through that scenario so many times.   Also, we have one child that thinks the sun rises and sets on her bottom.  If she doesn’t have her way,  she pouts.... Read More

Finding Strength through witnessing Physical Abuse

COLLABORATION WITH A PURPOSE  – 12 Bloggers 1 Goal – Strength In a small suburbia city, attending a predominantly white race school,  I thought I was a bit privileged growing up.   We owned a house, a microwave, several nice cars, and even dogs.   I can’t remember ever wanting anything that my parents were unable to provide. An African... Read More

Blogger Collaboration 2017

July 5th Topic – STRENGTH             It’s quite evident that there is strength in numbers.  We’ve heard various coined phrases such as: “Must play well with others’- on the playground “Team Player” – in Business “We’re stronger together than we are apart”- in life “The two shall become one” – in marriage In schools, educator... Read More