Checkout 51 App Review

Checkout 51 is one of my favorite money saving apps.  Shop for groceries and earn cash back by saving on the brands you already LOVE. Browse offers before you head to the store Select products purchased Upload your receipt Wait to receive product approval Earn cash back Frequent Questions: How often are the items updated or added ? Every Wednesday there... Read More

The APP take over

Social media is all the hype. I’m sure just about everyone you know has a smart phone. We can do so many things with the click of a button. Our memories are lacking the capacity to memorize things that we embedded in our head  just light years ago. We no longer need to clip coupons as much as we did... Read More

A new way to shop

Hey Moms, There is a new way to shop. Shopping online has just gotten smarter and not Harder. Moms like to save money, right? We don’t mind a little shopping around to compare prices. Why go out and purchase items without price comparing? Today’s technology has made shopping for goods so much easier   The old days required you to... Read More

Library eBooks on the Go

There’s a new Sheriff in town and he’s about to take you to a new level of reading books. I remember the days of driving to the local library to check out my favorite book. Then along came this thing called, “books on tape,” where there is an actual prerecorded person that will read books to you.  Books on tape probably made your drive to work... Read More

Girl Scouts add Gluten Free for 2015

Girl Scouts have become pretty famous for yearly cookie sales, so if you enjoy this yearly treat then you will love the upcoming season.  The girl scout organizers have come up with 3 new gluten-free cookie flavors.  Gluten has been a growing trend, whether it’s by choice or health reasons, over the past several years so why wouldn’t the Girl Scouts... Read More

WordPress App Review

We downloaded the WordPress app because we have several blogs and sometimes it’s more convenient to write blogs on the go. Positive Easy to login to our blogs and work on the go Can be updated 1. We’ve had many issues uploading images while working from our Android mobile device. We found that we have to go through certain steps... Read More

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is one of the busiest days for online shopping.  In most recent years marketing experts have coined the phrase “Cyber Monday” which has helped increase sales of the first Monday after the Thanksgiving Holiday.  The first year Cyber Monday was mentioned by media outlets was in 2005.  Online sales on that day rose by a whopping 26 percent... Read More