Finding Strength through witnessing Physical Abuse

COLLABORATION WITH A PURPOSE  – 12 Bloggers 1 Goal – Strength In a small suburbia city, attending a predominantly white race school,  I thought I was a bit privileged growing up.   We owned a house, a microwave, several nice cars, and even dogs.   I can’t remember ever wanting anything that my parents were unable to provide. An African... Read More

Blogger Collaboration 2017

July 5th Topic – STRENGTH             It’s quite evident that there is strength in numbers.  We’ve heard various coined phrases such as: “Must play well with others’- on the playground “Team Player” – in Business “We’re stronger together than we are apart”- in life “The two shall become one” – in marriage In schools, educator... Read More


Good Friday to everyone. Today, I had a bright idea to help promote and connect others online. The key to success is Communication,  Connections, and networking. Did you know we have an opportunity to reach millions of people within minutes? Well now you know. The idea here is to post a short 5-10 word synopsis describing your website or blog and... Read More

We All Use Toilet Paper

Recently my husband and I had a chance to visit our son who is a children’s pastor in another state. Something happened that made my mom heart burst with pride. As usual we were introduced to many different people, but there was one person our son seemed more eager for us to meet. He went out of his way to... Read More

Ask Wendi

  Hi,  I’m Wendi and I’m a teen. I am interested in the following things: Fashion Music & Music videos Dance “Teaching” Videos Shopping Boys =D Texting Instagram Modeling Acting Dancing I wanted this to be my first article. My column, “Ask Wendi” is created for you to ask me questions and I will respond to them in my opinion.... Read More