Real Stories : Stop being a runner

Real Stories are from the lives of actual people. Social media sometimes make people seem like a fairy tale. Real stories have been approved to republish on our site. “Today is our anniversary! Some of you know the difficult year Michael & I faced; and others only see social media and think how wonderful our life looks (let’s be honest... Read More

2 Ways to Affair Proof Your Marriage

  1. Honor Your Relationship Couples must honor their relationship to one another.  It’s not only biblical, but it is crucial to having a lasting relationship in Christ.  When honoring one another we have to respect each other.  Couples must focus their efforts on giving instead of getting.  When we give our love and attention to our loved ones we will... Read More

Divorce Selfies

I’m not big on watching a whole lot of TV or even the news; however, the morning news is a bit more interesting than the evening news.  The evening news has much more violent stories attached to them, while the morning news has more business type-informational news. This morning, while eating breakfast and sipping on a cup of coffee, I... Read More

3 reasons to always answer your phone when your husband calls

Moms are extremely busy with life, kids, cooking, running errands, solving problems, etc.  It is very important that we continue to put our relationship at the forefront of our lives.  Our families are important and our daily to do list is just as important, but our husbands are more important than just about anything on our plate. An excellent wife who a... Read More