Manny Pacquiao beyond the gloves

” What does someone from America think of when they hear about one of the most talked about upcoming fights of the century?  Boxing is interesting, but some sports really doesn’t interest me.  However, I attend the church that one of the most prized Boxers attend when he is in town.   Pastor Dudley Rutherford of Shepherd Church in Porter Ranch, conducted a... Read More

Everything Empire Finale

I’m sure you have been watching “Empire” along with the rest of us.  If you haven’t then you can get Empire Season 1 online.  Well, it’s already the end of Empire Season 1 so the cast has put together a 2 hour season finale which aires tonight on Fox. Will there fireworks. Questions our readers may have: 1. Is Lucious really the father of Olivia’s (Raven... Read More

Empire on Fox 2_11_15

Empire has produced yet another fantastic episode on Wednesday.  This show is a must follow and the ratings are out of this world.  I’m so happy that Hollywood has finally put its trust in a predominantly African American cast and the show is proving it’s worthiness to it’s viewers. So, let’s talk about the episode on Wednesday (Watch on Amazon... Read More

No Grey No Way Part II

We’ve been discussing the upcoming movie “Fifty Shade of Grey” (FSOG) We’ve had some very thought provoking discussions about the forthcoming film. We reviewed another Facebook post from several people and we thought we would post a couple of them because they are very thought provoking and well written in their explanation of how they feel the movie is portraying or not... Read More

No Grey No Way Part I

  #NoGreyNoWay is the Movement that’s taking social media by storm. The movement is in direct proaction to the upcoming movie release of Fifty Shades Trilogy (Fifty Shades of Grey). *FSOG – Fifty Shades of Grey The Trilogy has so sold more copies than any other book except The Holy Bible. FSOG movie trailer is thought to be “alluring and enticing.”  It contains just enough information... Read More

Prayers for Bobbi Kristina

Just a short 3 years ago the world lost a mother, a friend, a daughter, a cousin, an ICON in the entertainment world–Whitney Houston.  When we heard of the passing of Whitney Houston it was as tragic to hear the news as it was when Michael Jackson departed from this life.  It’s always a sad occasion when someone passes because... Read More

The Growth of an Empire

You know we had to write about Wednesday night’s airing of the new HIT TV Series “Empire.”  This show is getting rave reviews each week.  Taraji P. Henson plays the phenomenal character “Cookie” while Terrance Howard plays the character Lucious.  They are joint owners of a Multi Billion dollar Empire.  Lucious has ALS; however, no one knows about it except for his... Read More

Empire TV Movie Review

The New Breakout TV Movie “Empire” is ALL the RAVE says our Moms on the Go review department. Terrance Howard, as Lucious Lyons Taraji P. Hensen, as Cookie   Empire features an award-winning cast and crew.  The show’s popularity is due to an incredible cast.  Former Hustle & Flow co-stars Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson re-unite to electrify your living... Read More