Local Teen suicide

The natural order of death should be grandparents,  parents, and then children.  However,  we know it doesn’t anyways occur in that order.  Sometimes things occur beyond our control and sometimes we control all aspects.  Whether it’s  simply life or the choices we make. Life and death happens every day.   Something that is sure in life is –Death. There is... Read More

Cut the Cable Cord

My cable bill routinely surpassed the $200 mark every month, it’s no surprise that so many people are frustrated with their cable providers.  I decided to write this blog post after being cable free for a while.  It’s been over 6 months and I do not miss cable, nor do I miss that $200+ monthly bill.  Cutting the cable has been a... Read More

Get Out

When I was a kid, the only time I saw someone in a suit was on Easter Sunday or at a wedding. The professionals that I knew were all on TV and none of them looked like me. When I dreamt of my career, the attire was nowhere in sight; I only thought about the temporary fulfillment of having an... Read More

Divorce Selfies

I’m not big on watching a whole lot of TV or even the news; however, the morning news is a bit more interesting than the evening news.  The evening news has much more violent stories attached to them, while the morning news has more business type-informational news. This morning, while eating breakfast and sipping on a cup of coffee, I... Read More

Warning about Selfie Lice

Young children and teens are in love with taking Selfies.  Not only are the kiddos loving selfies, but they are very popular with adults as well.  I recently saw a story on the news about Kim Kardashian.  Kim has a book coming out entitled “Kim Kardashian Selfish” It’s a book of Selfie photos of her that have been the most... Read More