How to reduce your online footprint 

Have you ever searched for an item at home then went to work on a totally different computer only to find out the item you THOUGHT you searched for privately is now suggested to you publicly and at work–no less. You’ve just embarked on learning about your digital footprint. What is a digital footprint you ask? “On the Internet a digital footprint is the... Read More

How to make Tweet This Links for your Blog

Twitter is one of the top sites to receive and get news, even the President of the United States @realdonaldtrump is an avid twitter tweeter.  Making your blog or website user friendly gets easier to do when you take time to learn some quick tricks. “Tweet this” links make it easy to share your blog tweets.  When a user clicks on it they... Read More

6 simple steps to embed a Twitter post in your blog 

Lately, we have seen an inundation of posts and stories online that has specific Tweets embedded into websites and blogs. We researched and found out how you can embed tweets so you can use them in your online media too. 6 simple steps :  Log into Twitter  Go To Profile Choose Tweet to EMBED Click on the three horizontal Dots Select... Read More

How to Remove theme templates from WordPress

WordPress was a bit confusing to me at first, but I never give up so I continue learning more and more every day to make myself become an expertise in the field of Social Marketing and Blog Design.  I’m proud of myself for learning as much as I have thusfar. One obstacle that I came across was “how to delete... Read More

How to Compose an Email with Subject line

If you’re using a list management system that requires a certain subject line within an email message, you may find that if you request that a certain word be placed within the subject of an email, it won’t be provided.  Here is the code that can be used to ensure that your email subject is filled in exactly as you require Automating... Read More

Homework Help

Does your student need help with their homework?  Are they just not getting it when the teacher explains it in class with 25 other students?  Most teachers do not have enough time to explain and take time with each and every student; thus leaving some students behind. The term — “No one left behind” is a loose term because there... Read More

How I got into the entertainment business

A lot of people asked me how I got into modeling and acting. It’s a longer story, but I’m writing to tell you about a program that’s happening right now in Los Angeles. It’s called IMTA. The acronyms stand for International Modeling and Talent Association. This years event was held on January 6-10th.  There are people coming from all over the... Read More

Personal Budget to Keep Track of Spending

The New Year has rolled around once again and we are all Thankful to God for another year of health and sanity.  If you haven’t devised a plan already, you will want to start tracking your spending so that you can stay on track of your spending with a personal budget. Tracking your spending may be a bit tedious, but it’s best way to... Read More