2 Ways to Affair Proof Your Marriage

1. Honor Your Relationship Couples must honor their relationship to one another. It’s not only biblical, but it is crucial to having a lasting relationship in Christ. When honoring one another we have to respect each other. Couples must focus their efforts on giving instead of getting. When we give our love and attention to our loved ones we will…

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Being Normal is not an option

Do you try to fit in with friends or co-workers? If ;you don’t, do you know someone that does? Everyone wants to be liked to some degree.  It’s not just our kids that want to fit in, if we take a moment and be honest with ourselves, we may admit that we want to be liked too. How many times have you…

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We All Use Toilet Paper

Recently my husband and I had a chance to visit our son who is a children’s pastor in another state. Something happened that made my mom heart burst with pride. As usual we were introduced to many different people, but there was one person our son seemed more eager for us to meet. He went out of his way to…

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