How to Research Unknown Bank Transactions

People seem to not have time to use complete words or speak in full sentences.  Internet logistics have conditioned us to seek out the most different communication route. While driving on the freeway looking around at the buildings around me, I noticed business names are getting shorter. Here are a few businesses who are opting to use acronyms to keep up with... Read More

How to Avoid Bank Fees

Everyone has gone through the dreadful bank fee situations. Banks are charging more and more money every few years or so with bank fees. These fees are a billion dollar industry to the banks. The banks love them – and we would like to cast them (the fees) into the sea never to return again. It seems like every action we... Read More

Personal Budget to Keep Track of Spending

The New Year has rolled around once again and we are all Thankful to God for another year of health and sanity.  If you haven’t devised a plan already, you will want to start tracking your spending so that you can stay on track of your spending with a personal budget. Tracking your spending may be a bit tedious, but it’s best way to... Read More

7 easy ways to get auto insurance discounts

Auto Insurance Discounts you probably didn’t know about. Did you know Insurance companies have special discounts for higher level educated people?  Wow !!  This was a surprise to me when I contacted my insurance company to ask a billing question.  Unfortunately, the technician wasn’t very friendly until I called him on the carpet about his curtness.  After getting off the... Read More

Businesses Want Your Opinion

  Local Stores want your opinion and are now offering prizes to spend a little time providing your opinion. Your opinion REALLY matters to most businesses these days. We all have an opinion, but do you share it? Simply telling a business how you feel could help you cash in. Stores want your feedback. Many store receipts offer to enter your... Read More

Easy Shift

Download IOS EasyShift – Quri, Inc.   If you need some Extra cash, you can pick up several extra shifts during your lunch hour or while running errands with the EasyShift App. EasyShift App is an app that rewards its shoppers when you complete a shopping excursion at the particular store you choose.   By utilizing the EasyShift App you have added “Mystery Shopper” to your resume. IPhone users can use... Read More