13 Reasons Why on Netflix

Warning: This article contains spoilers alerts about the Netflix Series “13 Reasons Why.” While sitting in our family room watching our “cable-free” television, my daughter told me about a Netflix TV series that her friends at school had been talking about it for a while now.  On Easter Sunday we had dinner at my sister’s home and my niece told my daughter about the same Netflix mini... Read More

Stop Bullying Pink Shirt Day 2_25_15

Bullying is an epidemic that reaches millions upon millions on a daily basis.  I came across a story on the internet and it inspired me to write about creating a Sea of Pink because I recently filmed a movie about Cyber Bullying.  Bullying affects everyone, not just the one being bullied.   The first day of school is a very... Read More

Teens Socialize

Teens don’t use Social Media exactly the same as adults and their peers .  Most teens today have gotten away from Myspace, Twitter, and even the one of the most popular social sites on the internet today–Facebook.  I mainly log onto Instagram on a daily basis to look at my friends pictures they post or even to post a photo of myself.... Read More

Ask Wendi

  Hi,  I’m Wendi and I’m a teen. I am interested in the following things: Fashion Music & Music videos Dance “Teaching” Videos Shopping Boys =D Texting Instagram Modeling Acting Dancing I wanted this to be my first article. My column, “Ask Wendi” is created for you to ask me questions and I will respond to them in my opinion.... Read More