Gina Cofield

G. Cofield
G. Cofield 

Gina is a wife and mother of 4 children, originally from Michigan, but now residing in California. She is a Minister, singer, and songwriter that has submitted her will and life unto God for the past 16 years. Gina is the co-owner of a recording production company named I60 Studios.  It is owned  and ran by her husband of 15 years. Ginafinds fulfillment in writing what she receives from the leading of The Holy Spirit, whether in a song, a skit, or a simple note pad.

She writes in such a way that understanding and comprehension can easily be applied in a practical way.

“Free indeed, ”  is not just a scripture to her but she aimes to make it a reality in everyone’s life that listens to her music or reads her material.

I hope you enjoy reading her articles. Please bookmark her page and come back for Inspirational messages providing truth and testimates via the Holy Spirit.

Listen to Gina’s latest CD on Sound cloud “No Fret”

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