Starbucks Unicorn Frappachino 

Fame or Bust ? 

It looks like all the rage, but who had the opportunity of trying one? Not me.

Yes, Starbucks introduced me to this pretty looking drink via an email marketing campaign.   I thought,  “I have to get one for my daughter. ”

My son came home from college and he volunteered to pick his sister up from school and take her to get the great looking unicorn drink. 

Unfortunately,  my kiddos drove to two separate #Starbuck’s location and neither had it available. 

Reasons the stores didn’t have the drink:

  1.  Didn’t have all the ingredients 
  2. Out completely 

Not good Starbucks.  😭 How are you going to put out such a wonderful looking drink and not have enough ingredients to supply the demand?

I think someone needs to revisit Demand Planning training. 

I also saw an “employee” on TV , in a viral video, telling people not to buy the “unicorn drink” because it caused them (the enployees) too much trouble to make. 

I’m disappointed.  How about you?

Who tried the drink? Did you like it? Was it all the hype?

“A French kissed Tinker Bell”

Click here for late night tb review as well as Katy Perry. 

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3 Replies to “Starbucks Unicorn Frappachino ”

    1. They don’t have it anymore. You didn’t miss anything. I heared it was Full of sugar. Each time we went they were sold out. Thx for taking time to read and comment. Check out the blog collaborators posts when you have time. Next one comes out on Aug 5th.

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